Marianne Ward

Certified Strengths Coach

Marianne’s Top 10 Strengths: Connectedness, Empathy, Developer, Relator, Belief, Responsibility, Positivity, Context, Discipline, Includer


  • Finding yourself at a crossroad in life, knowing it is time for a change, working to understand your strengths, then finding your “sweet spot”… that’s the design of THE STRENGTH EFFECT.
  • Feeling a void, frustration, and anxiety has been your story. Through THE STRENGTH EFFECT, peace, fulfillment and abundance become your new story. And in the process, you realize they were always there, you just didn’t know how and where to find them.
  • Certain relationships in your life, over time, have become sources of discontent. You are sure that if ‘the other person’ would just change, everything would be right again. As you discover each other’s strengths, you realize how they impact your views of the world. This new realization changes everything . . . that’s the impact of THE STRENGTH EFFECT.

Marianne Ward is a certified professional Strengths Coach and LIVING IN YOUR A+ ZONE workshop leader. She is the founder of THE STRENGTH EFFECT. Her passion is putting THE STRENGTH EFFECT to work in the lives of her clients so they can see their brilliance from within. During her time as a coach she has become known for her ability to connect and empathize with her clients at the deepest level. Through thoughtful listening and guided questions she facilitates a discussion that helps to uncover a new awareness and excitement about the possibilities that exist.

What People are Saying About THE STRENGTH EFFECT

“My best memory of the time I spent with Marianne was not necessarily one thing. It was in those moments where a light bulb would go off and I would be able to see more clearly who I am and what I have to offer the world.”

“I was impressed by Marianne’s ability to get down to the root of the problem rapidly. I felt like her personal strengths of connectedness,
empathy and relator made it possible for her to put herself in my shoes quickly, accurately, and insightfully to help drive the conversation forward.”

“It was clear that Marianne wanted to help me identify potential areas of improvement so I could develop and cultivate new strategies. She also had a way of leading me to those strategies so that I could arrive at the conclusions myself. I never felt like she was dictating promptings for change. It was more like being walked out of the swamp to high ground with a friend to hold my hand.”